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List of some societies with secrets

Compiled By Dr.Ivan

I have left out those societies which have of an obvious harmless nature, with the exeption of "The Goodfellows" of course...

In no particular order:


1. The Freemasons.(Ancient anti - deluge society, still going strong)

2. The Knights Templar...

3. The Priory of Sion.(Mysterious french order, that many claim is a hoax)

4. Judian Peoples Front.

5. The Order of Skull & Bones.(Yale founded secret political order)

6. The Goodfellows.(A friendly society?)

7. The Illuminati.(Debatable. Name meaning the illuminated ones)

8. The Club Of Rome.(Global think tank, founded in 1968)

9.The Bilderburgs.(An annual conference for free off the record discussions)

10. The Knights of Malta.

11. The Rosicrucians.(Old occult order, with many branches)

12. The Bohemian Grove.(Very elite order for men)

13. The Trilateral Comission.

14. The Hashishans.

15. The Council on Foreign Relations.

16. The Jesuits.(Religious catholic order)


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