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A PCP trip report from A. Gonzales

I was a regular smoker of PCP for years and had many fantastic trips to the boundaries of my imagination. once while smoking PCP in a motel in Santa Cruz with numerous males and females. I became overwhelmed with the TV program [twilight zone] episode [living doll] I was laughing at it all good. When all of the sudden I could feel a cloud of evil come over me. It seemed to fill the hole room and everyone in it. I retreated to the restroom to try to escape it.

But it was then I realized I had walk onto a television production set movie cameras ' light etc, etc. As I turn to the bathroom mirror. to my surprise standing before me was none other than Rod Sterling in the flesh. He was making his opening episode speech. And I was the subject of it. it went something like this.

[you are looking at a man A. Gonzales who has taken so much p.c.p he will die here tonite in santa cruz on this side of the twilight zone.]

I said to my self this ain't real your just trippin homie. It was then Rod Sterling said if you don't believe me open the door this is what you will see immediately I saw a vision of two party goers looking at me dancing saying [let's party] I told Mr. Sterling if that happens as you say I will believe you and do whatever you say. So I opened the door and saw and heard what I had seen in the vision seconds before. I slammed the door a begged Mr. Sterling to tell me if there was a way I could escape my death in the twilight zone that night. he said there is only one way get the keys to the car drive back over the hill to Santa Clara or you will die here tonight. [I said] I can't do that I will kill myself try to drive threw the hills that's a dangerous drive for someone as wasted as me. He said then stay here and die tonight. I said no I'll do it.

I walk out of the bathroom my friends ask me if I was alright. I said yeah told them what had happened in the restroom and I need a ride out of Santa Cruz or I would die. they said hell no your staying here. I grabbed the keys to car of table and made a run for door with friends in chase. They caught me in parking lot dragged back into motel screaming [let me go I'm gonna die here tonight].

Once back in room I made run for door again breaking a girls nose who tried to stop me. My friend then tied me up put me on the bed and kept partying. When I woke in the morning they ask me if I remembered what happened that night. I told them everything. They said you were just trippin on that blast. But I know the truth I was there somehow. Though I was on drugs I remember it all in detail it was all too real I had survived.

[Twilight zone] A. Gonzales

P.S. smoking to much PCP can be dangerous to your mental health. But it's great fun losing your noodles once in a while.



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