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If you are reading this textfile, then you are probably interested in starting you very own
little gang. Why should I start my own gang? Well, you can definitely make some money. You can
get some hardcore respect, and you Choose your Own hours. There are some downsides to this Idea
though. You have to watch your back from rival gangs. You have to put up with the Cops, and you
must keep your guys inline.

Now, lets move on to you setting up your business.

You will need some people willing to join you. Friends that you have will work just fine. But
keep in mind that your friends will ALWAYS want to be the leader. Do not let this happen. TAKE A
STAND. Make it CLEAR that YOU are the leader of your gang. Once you have some members, you can
move onto getting a few things that you will need.

Every gang must have guns. It is what protects you from rivals. If you are over 21, go to your
nearest Gun Store and buy one. If you are under 21, Go to a very large city. Hang around the
streets until you see a drug dealer. Once you see one, ask him to point you to an area where you
can get some guns. Once you find some, give the money, and you got some heaters. Make sure that
you keep the Arms dealers Phone Number. You will need it for ammunition. Street Guns usually run
about $50 to $100 each. Sometimes you can find some for $25. These are good prices. Learn how to
shoot your gun, and pass them out to your men. Carry your gun everywhere that you go, you will
need it sooner or later.

Every gang needs money. You will need to buy some cheap dope, or make your own. You can find many
many files on the internet on how to make your own drugs. Go to for manuals on
how to make your own. Make your drugs. Once your product is finished, get some of your guys to go
out on the street and sell it. You will need to get some walkie talkies.

There is an effective process that you should follow when selling your product. You should have
three of your guys out on the streets each. Give two of your guys one walkie talkies. Give one of
your guys all of your dope. Now send them off on the streets with these instructions.

Stay together.

One with the walkie talkie will be the lookout. If he spots ANYTHING, he will contact the other
with the second walkie talkie. Then they will split out of there.

Now onto the one that you gave all of your dope to. He carry the money, and give the dope. He
should be standing next to a payphone, so he can call you for more if he needs it. If he calls
for more, you will send another guy out to deliver it.

Now for the seller. He will stand around the streets selling the dope. When he gets the money, he
will give it to the guy that carrys the money.

Once you have made enough cash selling dope, you can make a buy for a bunch of guns. Once you
have made your buy. Put them all in the trunk of a car, and drive to a real bad part of town.
Walk around and ask people "hey, you need some protection?". If they say "ya, sure." Then lead
them to the car, and let them make they're pick. Sell them for about $20 more than you bought
them for. You should now have a FUCKLOAD of money to start moving on to bigger and better things.

A very effective way to get some money is through pimping. Pimping is when you go to a hooker on
the street, and ask her if she needs a pimp. A Pimps job is to offer her protection from assholes
that won't give her the money, or try to rape her. When you get some girls working for you, send
them out on the street. Tell them where to do business. Once every two hours, you need to go and
visit them. She will give you all of the money that she has made. When her job is over, you give
her a 40% cut. Stick with this plan for a few months. After a few months, you should have some
real heavy money buy now.

You now have some real good heavy cash. Go to the worst part of town, and search for a house, or
a shitty apartment building for sale. Try to find one with a nice size garage. If you find one
for the right price, buy it. You will now need to have a meeting with all of your members. You
will tell them you are opening a safe house, and that they need to guard it heavily. You will
need at least 10 people guarding it at all times depending on the size of the safehouse. Once you
have your safehouse guarded, you will need to attract some business. Go around town to some
people that you know, and tell them that if they get in any trouble, they can hide out there. If
they have stolen any cars, they can hide them in your garage for a price. Tell your guards not to
take any heat from the cops. Tell them to fight to the death if they have to. When you start
getting business from your safehouse, you should be getting hardcore money coming through to fuel
your next project.

This project requires a lot of balls, and a lot of guards. To set up, you will need a lot of
guns, and about 20 guys helping you out. Go find an apartment building for sale. One that is in a
shitty part of town. Buy it. Now, completely clear the entire place out. If there are people
still living there, then kick them out. Kill anyone that gives you a struggle. Storm the place
clean. When you are done, find a room or someplace in the building where you can setup a
chemistry lab (you should have somebody that knows how to make crack). Clean a big room out, and
put a bunch of tables down. The room should be big enough to hold about 75-100 people. On each
table throughout the room, should be some glass pipes for your customers to smoke they're Crack.
Once everything is setup, you can start getting people to come there. Set as many guards as you
need in the building, and out of the building. Now start attracting business. You now have the
BEST crackhouse in town. Tell your men to protect it from the cops with they're life. By the end
of the month, you should have about $200,000.

Now that you have a quite large gang, some of money, and members, you should start moving onto
other gangs territory. Your goal is the entire city!!! Begin a complete war against any other
gangs that stand in your way. Hit the leaders of the gangs as hard as you can. Because you are
the leader, you will not be doing this yourself. You will be at your Safehouse making battle
plans. Before you know it, every other gang will be coming to you for work. But be careful, they
may be looking for revenge. If you know that they are, then kill them.

You will need to recruit some new members that know a lot about killing. Once you find someone
that you trust, you can hire him to work for you as a member. Anyone that comes to you asking for
someone to be dead, you will give the mission to your Hit Man. The person that wants someone dead
must pay you at least $9,000. Your Hit Man must do an A+ job, or else you won't get any more
business. If you can not find a Hit Man that will work for you, then you should take a willing
member, and give him "Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors." Here is the link
to the book.

When you Hit Man does a Job, you should give him 60% of the Money paid.

A Business Front is a legal business that you set up to hide what you actually do. By now, you
will need one. You must first think up a business that you want to set up. It can be an art
gallery, a night club, a church, etc. You now have enough money to make a business. So make your
pick. Your front is meant to look legit, but is really not. You could even open up a hotdog
factory. If so, then all of the people that you kill will turn into hotdog meat! You will need a
business front in order to hide from the cops.

Since you are now a leader of a giant gang, you will probably be bringing in serious cash. The
cash that you bring in is probably dirty. So you will need to launder it in order to spend it.
The only bad thing is, when you launder it, you will only get about 75 cents to the dollar. So,
in order to launder it, you will need a business to launder it through. Let's say an art auction.
First, get somebody to paint a picture. You must now get the business to except the auction. Once
that is done, take your dirty money to the auction, and bid on that painting for the exact amount
that you need to launder. The money will then go to the artists bank account (the artist is a
fellow gang member). The artist will then pull out all of the money, and give it to you. Now you
have clean money that is almost impossible to trace. This can also be done on ebay with paypal.

By now, you probably have millions of dollars, and the police, and rival gangs hate you. You will
need some body guards. You are no longer safe being by yourself anywhere. You will need guards in
front of your house. You no longer will be able to be a street soldier. You are now a boss. Your
gang is so big now, that you probably shouldn't even call it a gang.

If you are a real asshole, then you should use this one. You and your men should go around town
and force people to pay you for protection from other gangs. If someone refuses to pay you, then
he gets the living shit beat out of him. It is an old trick to get money. It has been used many
times, and proved successfull.

Loansharking is when you lend somebody a heafty amount of cash, and the person has to pay you
back with intrest within so many weeks. Set up connections with some people to let them know that
you are now in the loansharking business. Loan your money, and after a period of time, he will
have to pay you back. If he fails to do so, then you break his arm. The more time passes, you
break more bones. If he is just way to late on his payment, he will have to die. If he fails to
pay you, you should send some of your men out to follow him frequently. Because if he is not
being watched, he will probably try to skip town.

and that Concludes this textfile. Be Carefull with your gang. Keep it protected!!!


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