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The Mighty Ones
By Dr.Ivan.

To date the main encounter on record with the Seeahtik and western people was in 1924 in the area around Mount St. Helens. According to the Clallam indian tribe of the northwest, who have a respect and fear of them: The Seeahtiks are a tribe of tall (eight feet) hairy creatures. Whom are able to kill their prey by stunning them with a great hypnotic power. An interesting idea is that, these Seeahtiks are the root of all the North American Bigfoot legends and stories, that have emerged over the decades. Dr.Ivan himself thinks this may be true. Although I am not in any way suggesting that they connect way back in time, to some sort of Neanderthal race, far from it. I merely believe that these creatures were a species of intelligent mammal, likely related to the Kodiak or grizzly bear. With variations in other other parts of the world as well, namely India and Asia. Sadly the chances of these creatures still being alive are slim, but if a few of these creatures are still about, (many modern accounts suggest so) then they would most likely have moved into the deepest forests and mountainous areas of the northwest. So it seems that even less likely are the chances that we will come into contact with them in the future. Likely, we will be seeing a steady decrease in accounts of encounters with any such creature. Be it in North american India or Asia. The event in 1924 was the story set forth by miners, who encountered the Seeahtik in a small siege. After the prospectors shot one of the tribe dead. The creatures attacked their cabins by throwing stones and apparently jumping on the cabin roofs. The prospectors spent nearly the whole time in one of their cabins - terrified. Later reporters at the site stated that they could see the damage to the cabin for themselves. Although some say it was another local team of prospectors that were responsible for the damage caused. This is debatable, however what I feel is certain is that these creatures existed. And that they should be called with respect to the Clallam by their name, Seeahtik.


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