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A brief description of the unusual pan-dimensional, ultra-terrestrial entities known as Black Stick Men.

Out of all the accounts of the Paranormal and Unexplained that I have gone through. The stories of stick man like entities have to be some of the most chilling. They range from North America to all over England. They all too often occure at night or dusk. And often running across a road, being caught in the headlamps of a car or van. On many occasions the driver is tired or fatigued, and of course this has led some people to believe that, the person had mistaken something absolutely normal for something "Supernatural" or "Alien". But there have been many cases when there were more than one witness. Sometimes there have been incidents which involve a whole party of people young and old. And some of which occure in broad daylight. According to witness discriptions these entities: Are completely 2 dimensional and dark black all over. They have no recognisable features, But some people get the "Feeling" that they are male, their arms are long and limp, apparently they excel in speed. And can easily outrun a car, from what I can gather, It seems (like many other things) that if you can see them then they can see you. By this I mean, that they only seem to pose a threat or are hostile towards people, if you stare or make it outright that you notice them. When a person comes to close or the creature goes as far as to touch or attack them, it will on occasion give off a powerful and disabling electric charge. I have been, for some time searching for a picture of one of these creatures, but there is very little to suggest that these entities, have ever been photographed. And if someone with little or no knowledge in the Paranormal, was to come into contact with one of these creatures, then I would expect that they would be in such a state of frozen shock, that the idea of finding a camera and taking a picture. Would not come into the bright regions of their mind. What I can asercertain from these accounts is that these entities, are part of a bigger body of higher beings, and that we should never dismiss them as fairy tale and imagination.


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